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With its deep family values of supplying quality products, together with unrivalled service within the stone industry, Farmington offer high quality expertise in masonry.

This ranges from design to installation of architectural stonework in the private, commercial and new build sectors.

The specialist skills of our craftsmen inspire confidence across all levels of the project management process, as we apply innovative, practical and original design solutions to all our work, we understand the value of people and experience.

At Farmington we pride ourselves on providing a level of customer service that is quite simply second to none in our industry.


We specialise in external natural stone and faience cladding, pre-cast concrete and engineered composites, and can facilitate any façade type. Our in-house design team are able to find solutions for the most complex projects.

Our façade work includes:

  • Load bearing masonry – traditional walling using heritage masonry skills.
  • Traditional handset external cladding – stone/faience cladding restrained back to the backing structure using stainless steel fixings, typically with closed mortar joints.
  • Rain screen cladding.
  • Stone-faced pre-cast concrete cladding systems – natural stone attached to pre-cast concrete units supported on the building using load bearing brackets.

1. Meeting

The first step is to attend a meeting to discuss the client's requirements and project programme. At this stage we can also advise stone suitability and provide stone samples.

2. Design

Once the requirements have been approved we then move onto the design phase. This is where our technical department will create AutoCad drawings for your approval prior to production.

3. Manufacture

When all drawings have been approved by the client/architect we will then begin the manufacturing process of the stone products.

4. Installation

Once the stone products are complete and ready to be delivered to site we will send our team of highly qualified fixer masons to install all stone components.

5. The Finished Product

Finally when all the stone has been installed you will be left with a beautifully finished project.


As well as using natural Cotswold limestone, Farmington also source natural material from Yorkshire, Wales, France and Italy

In Listed Building conservation, it is particularly important that the right type and colour of stone is selected to match the existing.

In particular, the stone type should be chosen in conjunction with the programme, budget, procurement strategy and, not least, appearance and durability. There is often more than one stone type that will be appropriate and Farmington will advise on the most suitable for the specific project.

The stone selection service provided by Farmington is not limited to UK or European quarries or mines. Stone providers worldwide are sought to provide a comprehensive choice, the best of which will then be recommended to clients.

Bath Stone Top Bed
Bath Stone Base Bed

The restoration of prestigious and landmark buildings demands the very highest quality and professional management support services.

Our highly trained and skilled team is dedicated to providing the most appropriate and effective project solutions for each client brief.

There is nothing more rewarding than restoring a building to its former glory. Our team provides the care and attention to detail needed to deliver restoration projects to the high standards that historical buildings demand.

Stone cleaning

Our own very experienced staff, together with our strong association and partnership with specialist personnel, ensure we are fully equipped to offer natural stone and brick cleaning services to both small and large projects.

Our experienced team will ensure that the correct methods of cleaning and protection are used to suit the needs of the building you require to be brought back to life.

Our cleaning methods include: the traditional water cleaning method, JOS vortex system and DOFF high temperature steam system, which can be used on projects where conservation is of particular concern.