Farmington specialises in the restoration, conservation, refurbishment, and remodelling of historic and landmark buildings.


Serious damage to stonework can be sustained due to pollution, poor maintenance, and inadequate detailing. This can lead to the deterioration and loss of important structures.

Our highly trained team is dedicated to conserving the historical and architectural value of such buildings, while ensuring their structural integrity and longevity.

We closely assess every project, before selecting the right team for the work needed. This includes specially trained craftspeople and English Heritage and local conservation officers, who work closely together throughout the duration of the project to ensure the best possible outcome.

There is nothing more rewarding than restoring a building to its former glory, while retaining its historical integrity, age, and character.

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Stone cleaning is vital to the maintenance of all buildings and particularly historic facades.

Farmington offers natural stone and brick cleaning services, including both traditional and modern techniques, such as:

  • Traditional mason’s water cleaning.
  • JOS vortex system.
  • DOFF high temperature steam system.
  • Therma Tech.

Our expert team takes great care to select the most appropriate cleaning method and is specially trained to handle projects where conservation is of particular concern. We always perform test samples before work commences and have even developed our own products that can treat and clean natural stone without causing damage.

To find out more about our services, speak to our expert team.

Stone cleaning
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